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Candy is the author of this blog site.  She has been involved in some form of craft since she was a little girl.  She started off being involved with knitting, croquet and needle point with her great grandmother and grandmother.  Her crafting blood took the sideline in school as she participated in sports and academics.


After her marriage to the love of her life and then the birth of her first child, Candy felt the crafting bug return.  She got heavily involved with scrapbooking, creating volumes of scrapbooks of her children and family.

As her abilities continued to grow, she began introducing herself in other craft styles, like creating unique scrapbooks from non-traditional items, using embellishments and getting into digital photography.  Eventually, she started experimenting with stamping.  Last year, she created all her Christmas cards for her mailing list of over 100 people!  Each card was handmade, hand colored and uniquely beautiful!  (At least her kids thought they were the best cards ever!)

Word of Candy’s Christmas cards got around.  She began making birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day and wedding cards for all her friends and family.

Candy’s family thought she should branch out and sell her crafts to more than just friends and family.  She was doubtful of her abilities, but gave it a try.  She was amazed that folks, that did not know her, aside from her craft work, thought very highly of her cards and crafts.

scrapbook1Rather than try to find local craft shows and to not make her hobby become a business, which would cause her to loose her passion, a web site came up as an option to sell her crafts.

Her husband put her craft web site together and this is what you see now.  Please look around and let her know what think.

This welcome message written by her beloved husband, her number one supporter and fan!

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