How to make hand stamp jewelry and what supplies are needed?

I’m interested in making hand stamped jewelry for myself. What do I need and where should I buy these supplies?

"hand stamp jewelry" could mean lots of different things, and could be done in lots of different ways!
You’ll probably want to be more specific, or include a link to the kind of things you’re thinking of, to get a good answer.

(You can stamp into or onto polymer clay though and make jewelry…if you’re interested in checking that out and seeing some examples, check out this page at my site: )

Diane B.

What is the best way to ship single scrapbook pages 12 x 12?

I want them to make it there with no wrinkles or creases. Is there special boxes you can buy?

Thanks for your help!

Use a photo mailer. They are sturdy cardboard

What do you use to attach photos to scrapbook pages?

I have a pseudo-scrapbook with some already framed spots for photos, but I have no idea how to attach the pictures to the pages. What do I use? Thanks.

You can use double-sided tape, glue stick, a tape runner or glue dots, just make sure whatever you choose is acid and lignin free and photo safe. If it doesn’t specifically say that on the package, don’t use it. If it’s not acid free, it can discolor and eventually destroy your pictures and the pages!