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Greeting Card Creation – How Could A Ventriloquist Make It Big On Old Time Radio?

How Could A Ventriloquist Make It Big On Old Time Radio?

It really does seem far-fetched to expect a ventriloquist to succeed in an audio-only medium such as old time radio, but that is exactly what happened to the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy show.

Bergen was born in 1903 and learned the art of ventriloquism at a young age. Edgar commissioned the creation Continue reading Greeting card creation – How Could A Ventriloquist Make It Big On Old Time Radio?

Greeting Card Creation – YouTube – ValxArt’s Channel

No-Rooz tradition?

Hi … our company owner is an Iranian. Since the No-Rooz is coming, beside sending him greeting card, we would like to buy something for our boss. Something tradional/ represent good wishes/ luck/ success.. He is 32 yo

If you want to work from home in Australia,  there are many great options for people who are skilled with information technology, content creation, marketing, or financial trading. But even in the age of the internet, every economy still needs people who can make quality, tangible goods that can be sold. At root, this is what all finance and profit are based upon: Somewhere, somebody is making something valuable.

This simple fact is easy to forget, which is why so many people have given up on making tangible products and have focused all their energies on web-based business. That’s why now is the perfect time to create your own product line from home. By going against the trend, you can fill a niche that has been underserved since the rise of the internet.

But if it seems like I’m bad-mouthing the internet, think again. Once you create your own product line, the internet is going to make it possible for you to reach millions more customers than would’ve been possible a couple of decades ago. With this plan, you’ll combine old-fashioned manufacturing with 21st century sales and promotion to create a business whose profit potential is limitless.

To get started, follow these steps.

1. Brainstorm: Make a list of products you could potentially create. If you have any special talents, start with those. Some examples of products that people have had success with are clothing, jewelry, pottery, buttons, posters, bumper stickers, greeting cards, toys, and office supplies. If you can, come up with ideas that are original but also likely to appeal to a large number of people.

2. Narrow it down: Pick your top five or ten choices, and do some internet research. If there are already hundreds of successful websites selling a product, then you may want to rule out that option. If you’re sure that one of your products is very useful or in high demand but there aren’t a lot of people already selling it, consider going with that one.

3. Start Making Things: Turn off the computer, and start manufacturing your profitable products. This will be the most time-consuming part of the process, as it should be. You may have to research techniques for making your product, and you may have to practice before perfecting it. But try to create a solid foundation of stock that you can start selling.

4. Create a Website: If you want to work from home in Australia by selling your own product line but have never created a website, you still have plenty of options. There are many services out there that will help you with everything you need, from web design to payment options. If you have web design skills, all the better, but there are countless services ready to help you with this.

5. Promote Your Product: There are many possibilities for promoting your website online. Add plenty of keyword-rich content to your site, and sign up for services that can help move you up in the Google search rankings. For subtler strategies, start with article marketing, where you create content that is targeted to your ideal customers, and go from there. The more targeted traffic you can draw to your website, the more product you will sell.

Rodney Ian is an Australian writer and entrepreneur who specializes in learning, innovating, and spreading knowledge about web-based work-from home opportunities. For more tips and ideas for how to work from home in Australia (and elsewhere), visit Rodney’s website at

Greeting Card Creation – Renowned Russian Artist Releases 40 Masterpieces

Renowned Russian Artist Releases 40 Masterpieces

For the past two decades, Victor Lysakov’s modern expressionistic art could only be found at international exhibitions, in private collections or inside his own painting studio in Moscow, Russia. The renowned artist holds a vault containing hundreds of masterpieces. For the first time ever, 40 of these prolific Continue reading Greeting card creation – Renowned Russian Artist Releases 40 Masterpieces

Greeting Card Creation – Countries Which Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. This feast was created by the pope to promote Christianity and remove pagan festivals celebrated at the winter solstice.

During the 4th century, the pope decided to bring the Christmas day on December 25th.

This day has always been represented by religious ceremonies and gifts and greetings exchange. Continue reading Greeting card creation – Countries Which Celebrate Christmas

Greeting Card Creation – Latest Greeting Card Creation news – Boch’s Creation: Torn paper greeting card

Ok so 3 more posts today that I’ve dug up – I’m an information JUNKIE on this stuff lately. Give em a browse and let me know what ya reckon. They’re just from a few different sites I’ve been surfing lately that are generally good for information like this…

Boch’s Creation: Torn paper greeting card

I made a very natural greeting card that is paper shaper tool free. I Continue reading Greeting card creation – Latest Greeting Card Creation news – Boch’s Creation: Torn paper greeting card

Greeting Card Creation – Building Positive Relationships Through Greeting Cards

Do you find that life is so busy and hectic that you often do not have time

to express your appreciation to those you care about? Is it difficult for

you to express your feelings? When a tragedy hits, are you uncomfortable

contacting others personally but want them know that you are thinking of

them? Has your friend moved to a new home miles away and is struggling Continue reading Greeting card creation – Building Positive Relationships Through Greeting Cards

Greeting Card Creation – Can someone of Christian faith explain this phrase to me?

Can someone of Christian faith explain this phrase to me?

for the record, I'm a religious tolerant Atheist.

This is about the phrase:
“God is the creative force of existence, god is present in everything. All is god and god is all.” — Q&A user named Meera Patel

So, God is present in everything. But doesn't the first clause say he is what created existence Continue reading Greeting card creation – Can someone of Christian faith explain this phrase to me?

Greeting Card Creation – How To Make Paper Flowers Therapeutic

How To Make Paper Flowers Therapeutic

The art paper flower making is one thing I believe can be appreciated by all people. After I became a victim of an automobile accident I was confined in my bed for many months and this was a very painful experience both physically and emotionally. Knowing that I’d never be able to do any grunt physical work anymore, I knew Continue reading Greeting card creation – How To Make Paper Flowers Therapeutic

Greeting Card Creation – Why is it important to Recycle and Reuse Things as much as we can? India

Why is it important to Recycle and Reuse Things as much as we can?

Recycling involves the collection of used and discarded materials processing these materials and making them into new products. It reduces the amount of waste that is thrown into the community dustbins thereby making the environment cleaner and the air more fresh to breathe.

Surveys carried out by Government Continue reading Greeting card creation – Why is it important to Recycle and Reuse Things as much as we can? India

Greeting Card Creation – YouTube – ozawesum’s Channel

How about these right… I think you’ll find the following nuggets of wisdom particularly insightful. Leave your comments below. Check out the second one in particular…

Holiday fairs season continues …

A handcrafted teddy bear will be offered at silent auction. Featured will be homemade goodies, crafts, handmade stationary and note paper, fresh holiday … Read More…

Gifts of Grace

There are beautiful, two-tone leather bookmarks handcrafted by individuals with special needs; recycled flour bags produced by urban poor women from Bulacan … Read More…

Holiday fairs

The fair will feature handcrafted items and crafts by the Angel Gabriel quilters, costume jewelry and collectibles by Barbara and Carolina, … Read More…
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Birthday Greetings for ever and for all.

Birthday greetings from friends and relatives are pleasant surprises to receive.

An opportunity for the sender to express invaluable emotions,

to convey relationship is precious.

Right words and colors are chosen,

to strengthen the bonds and to bridge the gap.

It should brighten up a smile and a cheer,

to immortalize the moment, for the recipients.

Remembering birthdays is a hobby to some,

greeting beloved friends is a commitment to some,

some do it sincerely, in anticipation of nothing in return,

for it gives them the joy and pleasure, to cheer,

some one, in some corner of the world,

on a special day like a birthday.

Time and tide wait for none, we are swept apart by tides,

while time fades our memory, reach out and touch, or else,

there will be only be distance and silence.

Birthday greetings are meant to heal the past,

forge the two to live in the present,

and help to dream the future together.

Exchange of greetings is a successful interaction,

and should be so, as it acknowledges the existence of one another.

Birthdays come and go, bringing joy ever after ever,

and greetings keep friends together ever after ever.

For kids it is fun and party time,

as they grow, they feel they are growing;

it brings anxiety, more responsibility for themselves and others.

They start noticing changes in them, as well as in others.

Many dread leaving the Childhood fun,

and the mischievous 20’s and the naughty 30’s behind,

many dread to disclose the birthday, to hide the age.

There are many milestone greeting cards, to catch up with age,

some are funny, some are philosophical, a few naughty ones too,

all meant to tease, cheer, refresh memories of the past,

to bring forward the future, “The Hope”.

Hope sits eternal in the breast of a man and leaves him not until he leaves it.

A classmate of mine receives birthday greetings,

every year, year after year, since many years.

He acknowledges the greetings ever.

My greetings bring cheers to him,

he looks forward for it, says his wife ever.

This is very special to him and his family,

my commitment to him is to keep this going for ever.

Greeting cards were expensive once,

some were snobbish to select the best and the costliest,

to reflect their mood, love and affection, only to a selected few.

Now they have become inexpensive,

free for all, as easy as 123, thanks to the internet.

Why not include a few more friends and relatives;

what is needed is a will, to wish some one on special occasion like Birthday.

Aging is a natural, irreversible, inevitable process.

Let us all age with grace and dignity.

The objective of writing this is to highlight the significance of wishing friends and relatives on a special occasion like ‘Birthdays’. You can change every broken relationship one at a time by sending ‘Birthday Greetings’.

E-cards have become the order of the day, replacing the old conventional greeting cards, which consumed more time. Selecting, buying and posting involved money and time. Hence it was practiced amongst very close inner most circles of friends and family members. Priorities and prejudices played a major role in deciding who gets what!

In olden days fabric greeting cards were sent to beloved ones. The recipients sew the patches bearing the greeting messages on to a fabric matrix to form a memory quilt. The greeting messages are thereby not merely discarded, as is the case with conventional greeting cards formed of card stock, but are saved and incorporated into a useful article. This suggests the significance and the value attributed to these sentimental practices.

It was also a practice to recycle the old greeting cards to implement the 3R’s principle.” Reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Many cards were manufactured with recycled material. These cards were also a source of collection of donations to many organizations. All these objectives are once again incorporated in e-cards also. E-cards are a fantastic way to send that someone special a caring, loving message.

Schedule all your birthday e-cards in one sitting and you’ll no longer need to fret about forgetting a birthday.

If you care to make a difference, you can always send a birthday greeting to spread Love and laughter, in an exemplary manner.

“It is believed that no two human beings have ever lived under one roof with out any differences of

opinion”. This is a quote form my father-in-law. If these differences are not nipped in the bud, they become a monstrous beast. No truce has ever been achieved in silence. It takes a lot of persuasive effort to bring compromise between two parties. The best way to ease tension and reduce misunderstanding is to send a birthday greeting. One step at a time with sincerity will help regain the trust and the tenderness that has been missing for ages due to difference of opinion or misunderstanding. Some one has to bell the cat. Don’t wait for the other person to start.

Why not try it yourself and be a leader and a motivator. The best way is to treat everyone as a friend as no other relationship is greater than friendship. Every father has to treat his kids as friends and between husband and wife mutual trust, tenderness and love can be accomplished by treating one another as a Friend. ‘Friendship is above all the relationships’ and can be rejuvenated with a sincere birthday greeting card.

This has been written in honor of all the friendship offered by me in recent times.

SuriShiva Kumar