Greeting Card Creation – 31 Ways To Quickly And Effectively Minister To Others In Daily Life

31 Ways To Quickly And Effectively Minister To Others In Daily Life

1. Shop Christian businesses.

2. Save coupons from the paper and give them to a neighbor or friend who uses them. You can even leave them at the grocery store for someone to find.

3. Join an online message board like, You can quickly pray for the prayer requests listed there.

4. Make a point of sending greeting cards and stationary with Bible verses.

5. Use calling cards with a personalized message instead of jotting phone numbers on paper. You can get them free at

6. If you find a great sale, stock up and donate the extra items to a food bank or charity. A great way to get really cheap (sometimes free) food is

7. Don’t let clothing and toys sit and age in your closets. Give them away while someone can still get good use out of them.

8. Send greeting cards by email or post to lighten someone’s day. Get the addresses of the elderly in hospitals or nursing homes.

9. When making a large meal, make double or give away part of the meal to a neighbor or friend.

10. Pick up litter as you see it around your neighborhood, especially after trash day.

11. Return grocery baskets and move them away from other cars to prevent scratches.

12. Seek out a manager and compliment an employee.

13. Stock up on inexpensive gifts to pass out to Sunday school teachers and others with thankless jobs.

14. Let others go ahead of you in line, especially if they have fewer items or squirmy children with them.

15. Keep a few lunch bags filled with packaged crackers and bottled water to hand to the homeless. You could also include toothbrushes and other toiletries and a message of God’s love.

16. Smile and make eye contact with passers by.

17. Add a signature to your emails proclaiming Christ.

18. Take pictures at family events and social outings then email them to others who forgot their camera.

19. Leave good tips at restaurants with a note or calling card sharing Jesus.

20. Carry extra water bottles on hot days to the zoo or park and share them with those without.

. Donate money just for clicking. uses advertisers that donate meals for the hungry based on how many times viewers click. There are other sections where you can click for Breast Cancer, Literacy, Children’s Health Care, Rainforest and Animal Rescue.

22. Stock up on dollar store umbrellas in your car, so that you can give them away to those trapped by the rain.

23. Recycle. It shows others that you are a good steward of God’s creation. If you get money back from your efforts, donate it to a charity or the church.

24. Donate the magazines you have already read to doctors, dentist and hospital waiting rooms. Include tracts or calling cards with the message of salvation.

25. Recycle your cell phones and old glasses.

26. Listen to people’s names and don’t forget them.

27. Make a point to drive courteously and help others merge.

28. Open doors for people.

29. Carry scripture mints to offer people who are coughing. You can purchase them at most Christian book stores.

30. Stop and help people when they drop items.

31. Send up a quick prayer for strangers as you see them out and about during your day.

By: Shelley Ewing Brownfield

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Shelley Ewing Brownfield is the founder of Proverbs 31 List, linking Christian work at home moms with loyal cutomers.
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