Greeting Card Creation – Building Positive Relationships Through Greeting Cards

Do you find that life is so busy and hectic that you often do not have time

to express your appreciation to those you care about? Is it difficult for

you to express your feelings? When a tragedy hits, are you uncomfortable

contacting others personally but want them know that you are thinking of

them? Has your friend moved to a new home miles away and is struggling with

the change? Do you want to send your support and love? Has your

grandchild graduated from high school and you are unable to attend the

joyous event?

When we receive an impression, we generally have 30 seconds to act on it or

it is forgotten. Sending a greeting card is a wonderful way to act promptly

and effectively. Most of life is centered around building positive

relationships. Acknowledging others is a wonderful way to do that. Robert

Kennedy stated, ” We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a

difference in our lives.”

The four main categories of people that affect us are:

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Business Associates

4. Potential and present clients

Some of the many reasons that we send cards are:

Engagement Sports Accomplishments

Weddings Friendship

Sympathy Thinking Of You

Thank You Holidays

Congratulations Pet Acquisition

Military Accomplishments Religious

Motivational Work Place

Baby Showers Birthdays

As Suzana Burger has said, “When you care, people notice.” Sending a

thoughtful greeting card shows people you care. A woman who worked in a

jewelry store, made it a habit to always send her customer’s a thank you

card after each purchase. One day she was walking through the store a

customer came up to her and said, “I have never received a thank you card

from anyone that I purchased from before. Thank you so much!” The sales

associate was surprised and genuinely touched by the remark. To her it was

a natural response to thank people. Is it any wonder that the sales

associate was one of the stores top salespeople?

Personalizing our greeting cards is becoming popular. Scrap booking classes

throughout the nation are held that give creative and fun ideas in making

our own personalized cards. Layers of card stock paper cut in various sizes

and shapes, ribbon, stickers, cut out forms of different designs, etc., are

often used in the creation. Other times you can transfer home pictures onto

the front of the card and write your own content on the inside. This gives

the card giver a chance to

touch on areas that a pre-made card can not. Online greeting cards are an

excellent source for this. There is no limit to the creativity.

Relationships do not usually happen overnight. They are developed over a

period of time through building trust. When we feel safe and comfortable

with a person, we are more likely to open up and share ourselves. When we

make efforts to build positive relationships with others, our own lives are

blessed tremendously. For more ideas on how to build positive relationships

through greeting cards visit:

Bio: Terri Grace, nineteen years of experience in boutique sales and marketing. Successful business owner of a boutique for the past 5 years. Owner and entrepreneur of an online boutique. For more information on boutiques go to:

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