Greeting Card Creation – Can someone of Christian faith explain this phrase to me?

Can someone of Christian faith explain this phrase to me?

for the record, I'm a religious tolerant Atheist.

This is about the phrase:
“God is the creative force of existence, god is present in everything. All is god and god is all.” — Q&A user named Meera Patel

So, God is present in everything. But doesn't the first clause say he is what created existence in the first place? Logically thats saying he created himself.
Also with the second phrase, God is all, all is God, Wouldn't that eliminate the idea of God in the first place? How can there be someone/something unique and apart from us, if He/it is in EVERYTHING?
If that was the case, then shouldn't it should be said that our God is
whatever Doesn't have God in it?

What do you think about this?
P.S. don't comment unless you have a opinion about this, in other words don't just bash religon, because thats not the question.

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Valentine’s Card: a greeting card with your valentine’s message in it. It could also much better if you state how much you love your man in there.

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Romantic evening: you can take your partner out on dinner to his favorite spot and order his choice of food for him while both of you enjoy.

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