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20 Tips to Help Stay Within Your Holiday Budget | dollarish

Therefore, trekking all over creation with cash in both hands prevents you from reaping the big-time savings. Instead, keep your eye on sales fliers and decide to tackle all holiday shopping in a certain category (say, … There's also wrapping paper, greeting cards, decorations, supplies for any parties you may be holding or assisting with, etc. Left unchecked, these ancillary costs can add a lot of heft to your holiday bills, and they should be kept in mind when …

Presence From The Past: Collecting Nativities from Around The World

I made my first set myself out of egg carton cups and greeting card images. We were newly married (that was 40 years ago!) and didn't have much money so we celebrated Christmas as best we could. … The process of creating a Fontanini nativity figure ends with the application of patina, a compound of oil, lime, and burnt oils and earth. The patina is applied with a brush, after which the figure is wiped with a cloth, placed in a tub, and wiped dry. …

Chromolithography and The Private Library (Part III) – The Private …

… are numerous other chromolithographed items, such as greeting cards, advertising, sheet music covers, cigar box labels, fruit crate labels, and so on. Among the many publishers creating, and responding to, this demand was the great.

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Do you really value Valentine's Day ?

Do you value this day only?? or you think everyday is special cos you surely love some1 or the other… be it a guy, gal, parents, sis or bro..

For years, schools have been using expensive die cutting equipment for bulletin boards and craft projects. Then as scrapbooking became more popular scrapbook shops and craft stores started selling die cuts and cutting equipment. Usually, the cutting equipment isn’t that expensive. However, you can easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on die sets. For most individuals who love to scrapbook, the cost of owning a traditional die cutting machine along with a large selection of dies is just not practical.

With the cost of traditional cutting solutions, most serious scrapbookers were left to either buy cuts or use a cutting machine at local scrapbooking stores. However, that has now all changed. With the advent of computerized cutting solutions, it is now possible for individuals to create their own die cuts in the comfort of their own home without breaking the bank.

There are a number of different computerized cutting machines available on the market. However, most of these machines require users to buy font sets and shape sets to use with the machine. Usually the machine itself is not very expensive. However, like traditional cutting solutions it is easy to spend two or three times the value of the machine on the fonts and shapes. Unfortunately, this isn’t that much better than the old way of doing die cuts.

A few computerized cutting solutions are different. They allow you use your computer to cut any font or shape that you have on your hard drive. With these solutions, there are literally millions of possibilities and you don’t need to buy a single font set or cartridge. You can use any of the fonts, clipart or shapes that you currently have on your computer or you can design your own shapes and cut them out. These solutions even come with software that allows you to “weld” words together to make a die cut of a complete word.

The possibilities for this type of machine are endless. You can use these machines to cut letters and words from virtually any type of paper you can find. You can cut nearly any shape that you can imagine, including complex shapes with small details such as a snowflake. You can even cut a logo or shape out of a card or document allowing you to create unique layers. Plus, if you run out of ideas of things to cut out you can find endless ideas on the internet. In fact, there are even groups dedicated to sharing ideas and designs to use with these type of die cutting machines.

There are currently three different machines on the market that offer the option of cutting shapes and true type fonts from your computer. These options include the Xyron Wishblade, The Craft Robo and the Pazzles Mini. All three of these machines offer similar features at similar prices. Check them out for yourself and start cutting shapes and letters today.

If you are interested in more information about the Xyron Cutting Systems, you might want to visit They offer a great price on these machines and they even offer Free Shipping. MyBinding carries a large selection of crafts and scrapbooking supplies including the Xyron Design Runner. Check it out today!

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