Greeting Card Creation – The Past And Present Of Ecards

The Past And Present Of Ecards

Thanks to the development of high speed internet, ecards are continuing to grow in popularity. Most people enjoy ecards because they are a convenient way to send a fun little message to anyone and for any occasion. Because ecards are entirely digital, there is absolutely no paper needed to send one.

This cuts down on the amount of resources and energy that is usually used to make regular greeting cards. Ecards were actually originally invented in order to cut down on the amount of paper consumed by the greeting card industry. In addition, greeting cards tend to pile up in desk drawers and file cabinets.

They are kept for sentimental reasons, but hardly ever looked at. Ecards eliminate this problem. Because everything is in the receiver’s email inbox, they can delete it without a problem. They will only print out ecards that they find to be unsurpassable in their brilliance.

Ecards are extremely convenient. Free ecards or birthday ecards can be found on many different websites. Many websites also have a paid subscription system. For a relatively low cost, you can send as many ecards as you want to every day of the year.

With hundreds of thousands of free ecards, you should be able to find the perfect one. Sometimes websites even allow you to add pictures or videos to your ecard. You can send the same card to several different people, eliminating the dent in your budget from having to buy traditional cards for everyone you know.

Ecards first came into being around 1966. The very first kind of ecard consisted of a non moving photograph or hand drawn image with a message. New developments in technology caused new developments in ecards. With the release of more convenient flash animation programs came the use of small cartoons in ecards.

For instance, in a birthday ecard there could be a birthday card animated short that is 15-20 seconds long. These ecards have moving pictures, music, and, in some cases, an audio message. Because this format seems to be fancier than that of the non moving ecard, almost every single major ecard provider primarily offers animated greetings.

Video ecards allow the sender to import text and home videos into the message. Also, most recently, there have been developments in the creation of a mobile ecard system, allo
wing people to send ecards from their cell phones. Unfortunately, the ecard system is sometimes exploited by spammers and hackers. They send messages to email addresses across the internet, disguised as an ecard by a friend or a family member.

When the recipient clicks on the link to see their ecard, their computer is directed to a website that infects their computer. Also, when a person sends something like a Valentines ecard, Mothers Day ecard, or birthday ecard to another person, they supply the website with the necessary email addresses. Some times the ecard website sells this information to another party, which in turn sends spam to the address. Such spam can even come from the ecard website itself.

Ecards are still fairly new, and are not likely to entirely replace traditional greeting cards any time soon. Nevertheless, the market for ecards is rapidly increasing. More and more people are sending and receiving ecards for any occasion, whether it is to apologize, give holiday greetings, say thank you, or invite a group of people to an event.

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Allison Ryan is a freelance marketing writer from San Diego, CA. She specializes in email and internet technology, such as free ecards! For a Mothers Day ecard, birthday ecard, or a selection of funny ecards, check out, and amazing non-profit site!

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It really isn’t difficult to create a stunning handmade card at home once you’ve got everything together. All it takes is some careful planning, the right tools and a free amount to time to give to your project. Once that’s all in place it’s time to get crafting!

As it any activity it pays to plan so going through a checklist will help you to achieve the look of card that you’re after.

1. Your skills. Do you have any particular craft skills that you’d like to use for your handmade card? You might be fantastic at one or two (or more) crafts. It makes sense to go with a craft you know unless you’ve got the time to play. Is there a particular skill that they’ve always admired or envied?

2. Their interests. Does the lucky recipient have a particular interest? Are they a raving fan for purple or do they just love ribbons and bows? Spend a bit of time thinking about what would really please them and bring a smile to their face.

Perhaps in the past they’ve said how they would love something that they know you can do. Now’s not the time to modest if you’re expert in any area. Show off those skills!

3. Available materials. What have you got to play with? Do you need to go and buy something special and if so how long will it take to get/order/arrive? Look at your workbox to find out what you have and what you need. Then you can work out the best things to use and what you need to ‘go get’.

4. Size. Don’t tie yourself down in thinking you haven’t got enough of everything. Sometimes you only need a ‘bit’ of something to work on a card. Think about the card you’ll need as a base, and also the size of card you want. How big will it be? Do you want to make a standard size card or something larger and more impressive?

5. Time. Have you got the time it takes to get a particular item or will you need to make do? When calculating time, remember that you’ll need to block out a bit of time to both plan and create your card. When will you do this? Is there a particular time of day or night when you are free or when you work best.

Plan to create your card in the time zone that’s most productive for you. It’s much better to crack on undisturbed than to have 2 or 3 goes at it. If need be send out a ‘do not be disturbed’ message to your nearest and dearest.

6. Plan. Once you’ve thought about your project and what you need, plan how you’ll put it all together. Have you really thought about how you’ll bring the colors and materials together. What might you ‘do first?

There may be some activities that take longer and that need to be done in a particular order. Do you want to practice first before you work on your main project?

7. Set out your work area. All crafters need a place or order to work in. It doesn’t have to be a large area, just somewhere where you can gather all your materials together in one place.

It helps to have a workbox, bag or shelf where you can keep everything. Make sure it’s all ready to go so that you won’t have to waste time once you start looking for things.

8. Get busy. Once you’re ready just dive in and have fun. If you had a plan, now’s the time to work through it, or if you’re more impulsive just create! Sometimes the best cards come from happy accidents and remember that we all work in different ways. What’s most important is that you enjoy making it.

9. Greeting. Don’t forget to add a personal message to make the most of your creation. You could cut down a piece of copy paper with a printed message. Use paper and pens that aren’t too absorbent. Try them out first if you aren’t sure.

10. Do you want a box or an envelope? Special handmade cards deserve careful packaging and a handmade box might just set it off with a zing. Make one to size from medium card using a craft knife and cutting mat. Tie with ribbon and add a message to the front for extra pizazz.

Perhaps you could add matching ribbons and bows to tie in with your card. If you don’t want to go to that effort, make an envelope to size. Open up an existing envelope and use it as a template.

11. Finally, give your creation with love and pride and share the process of its creation.

Just follow these simple tips and you’ll have created a special handmade card in no time – and enjoyed the process.

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