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No-Rooz tradition?

Hi … our company owner is an Iranian. Since the No-Rooz is coming, beside sending him greeting card, we would like to buy something for our boss. Something tradional/ represent good wishes/ luck/ success.. He is 32 yo

If you want to work from home in Australia,  there are many great options for people who are skilled with information technology, content creation, marketing, or financial trading. But even in the age of the internet, every economy still needs people who can make quality, tangible goods that can be sold. At root, this is what all finance and profit are based upon: Somewhere, somebody is making something valuable.

This simple fact is easy to forget, which is why so many people have given up on making tangible products and have focused all their energies on web-based business. That’s why now is the perfect time to create your own product line from home. By going against the trend, you can fill a niche that has been underserved since the rise of the internet.

But if it seems like I’m bad-mouthing the internet, think again. Once you create your own product line, the internet is going to make it possible for you to reach millions more customers than would’ve been possible a couple of decades ago. With this plan, you’ll combine old-fashioned manufacturing with 21st century sales and promotion to create a business whose profit potential is limitless.

To get started, follow these steps.

1. Brainstorm: Make a list of products you could potentially create. If you have any special talents, start with those. Some examples of products that people have had success with are clothing, jewelry, pottery, buttons, posters, bumper stickers, greeting cards, toys, and office supplies. If you can, come up with ideas that are original but also likely to appeal to a large number of people.

2. Narrow it down: Pick your top five or ten choices, and do some internet research. If there are already hundreds of successful websites selling a product, then you may want to rule out that option. If you’re sure that one of your products is very useful or in high demand but there aren’t a lot of people already selling it, consider going with that one.

3. Start Making Things: Turn off the computer, and start manufacturing your profitable products. This will be the most time-consuming part of the process, as it should be. You may have to research techniques for making your product, and you may have to practice before perfecting it. But try to create a solid foundation of stock that you can start selling.

4. Create a Website: If you want to work from home in Australia by selling your own product line but have never created a website, you still have plenty of options. There are many services out there that will help you with everything you need, from web design to payment options. If you have web design skills, all the better, but there are countless services ready to help you with this.

5. Promote Your Product: There are many possibilities for promoting your website online. Add plenty of keyword-rich content to your site, and sign up for services that can help move you up in the Google search rankings. For subtler strategies, start with article marketing, where you create content that is targeted to your ideal customers, and go from there. The more targeted traffic you can draw to your website, the more product you will sell.

Rodney Ian is an Australian writer and entrepreneur who specializes in learning, innovating, and spreading knowledge about web-based work-from home opportunities. For more tips and ideas for how to work from home in Australia (and elsewhere), visit Rodney’s website at

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