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  • With Cricut Gypsy – A Whole New World of Possibilities Open Up in Your Scrapbooking World

    Meet the Cricut Gypsy, because it seems like this world of ours moves faster every day, and we are always going somewhere, or on our way to some place. If you are one of those who are always on the go, but love to scrapbook then you will love the Cricut Gypsy, a tool that now allows you to design scrapbooking components while you are travelling, using the same tools that you used to use at your computer. This new product is called the Cricut Gypsy, and it looks a little like an oversized Blackberry.

  • Does the Making Memories Slice Scrapbooking Die Cutting Machine Cut It?

    Scrapbooking is a wonderful form of art and memory preservation, practised the world over by both young and old. A lot of self satisfaction is achieved by scrapbookers who put pages together of one or more photos, along with a story, to preserve a memory of an event, or capture a unique moment in time.

  • The Sizzix Big Shot and BigKick Meet the Needs of the Toughest Scrapbooker

    One of scrapbookers favorite ways to embellish a scrapbook page is by adding creative titles and images. Since the invention of scrapbooking die cutting machines, Scrapbook pages have taken on a new dimension as die cuts can be now made from various forms of material and in an endless supply of wonderful designs.

  • The Provo Craft Cricut Expression Machine Leads the Way in Scrapbooking Die Cutting

    In today’s tough market for scrapbooking die cutting machines, Provo Crafts Cricut Expression machine leads the way in quality and features of electronic die cutters. Create wonderful fonts and die cut images for your scrapbooking pages.

  • The Pazzles Inspiration Cutter – Why it is a Great Scrapbooking Die Cutting Machine!

    The Pazzles Inspiration Die Cutting Machine get nothing but rave reviews, so why aren’t we all using it? The Pazzles die cutter does a wonderful job and has been compared by many as being far superior to the ubiquitous Cricut Machine.

  • Xyron Wishblade – Why You Really Should Be Wishing For One

    Since Die Cutting Machines are all the rage at the moment in Scrapbooking, I thought I should review the Xyron Wishblade to see how it stacks up compared to some of its other popular electronic die cut machines, like the Cricut Expression and the Making Memories Slice. It is easy to see why scrapbooking die cut machines are so popular at the moment. They make a scrapbooker’s life so easy and can produce amazing results on your scrapbook pages.

Cricut Die Cut Machine. Which one should i buy?

There are two models… Cricut Electronic Die Machine, or the Cricut Express Electronic Die machine? The Cricut express is obviously more expensive, but its features that it can make bigger letters and stuff is really appealing. I am only a high school student, and it would take me awhile to save up for it, but i really just want a cricket. I think it would help me earn higher grades for my school projects because it would look more neater and more creative. Help me ! Which one should i buy ?!

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