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Back with more news for you today. It’s amazing how much good information there is on this stuff out there if you know where to look. Three in particular that I found really valuable were…

Stitchin n Stampin’ on Paper: Build A Bear for the Holidays

Cute characters to make with your Build A Bear die cuts! Using the different dies to create the costumes you can make bears for any holiday event. They can be used on scrapbook pages, as paper dolls, to decorate a gift bag, …

Memories Direct Scrapbooking Kits 10000 PCS. | Cheap Scrapbooking …

From well coordinated color scheme up to the very detailed and smallest die cuts with almost no garbage wasted. Explore your creativity by making your scrapbooks done professionally in minutes using the pre-cut objects in various shapes …

Write. Click. Scrapbook.: Tradition!

materials: 12 x 12 | patterned paper & cardstock stickers (Heidi Grace for Fiskars) + die-cut letters (QuicKutz) + Slick Writer pen (American Crafts). I asked our Collective to share a tradition that is important to them. …

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How is the cricket for scrapbooking? ?

I saw it advertise on TV.

I love scrap booking but constantly buying stickers and other page embellishments gets really expensive. The TV show never gave a price for the cricket, so i'm assuming its pretty expensive.

I might save up for it, but before I do I want to know if its really as easy to use as they say it is. I dont want to spend a lot of money on it only to be frustrated with it. I'd rather save the aggravation and just buy the stickers if that's the case.

Scrapbooking has skyrocketed to the top of the list of favorite hobbies of Americans. I recently read that there are more scrapbookers than golfers in the United States! Scrapbooking helps you to preserve your memories, organize your photos and perpetuate your family history. Maybe you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon, but you have no idea how to get started.

So what supplies do you need to begin scrapbooking? The number of scrapbooking supplies available can be overwhelming to the beginner.

First of all, you need an album. Make sure it’s made from archival quality materials. That way it won’t harm your precious photographs. There are all kinds of albums, but my favorite is a 12×12 album with clear pages open at the top (called top-loading.) With this kind of album, you make your page on a sheet of 12×12 cardstock and just slip it into the plastic page, which will protect it. There is no need to buy page protectors separately.

Next you’ll need paper. Get several colors of plain cardstock. This can serve as backing for your pages as well as paper on which to mat your photos. You may want to invest in some printed paper, too. Printed paper is best used as an accent rather than a background, as it’s often “busy” and your photos may not show up well on it.

You need adhesive with which to attach photos and embellishments. I prefer tape runners, which are easy to use and dispense small pre-cut pieces of double-sided tape. Some people like to use glue sticks, squares of double-sided tape or some sort of cement. Just make sure it is photo-safe.

Of course, you need scissors to cut things out. Another great investment that I use constantly is a small papercutter. Mine cuts paper up to 12×12. I use it to trim photos as well as paper.

The last thing you absolutely have to have is pens. Buy ones that say they are archival quality or photo-safe. You may want both fine-tip and calligraphy-type pens. You’ll use these for captions, journaling, and dating pictures.

There are all sorts of embellishments available to dress up your pages, but you can buy those gradually, as you see a need for them. Brads and eyelets are great for attaching things to the pages, as well as for decoration. Stickers and die-cuts also add interest to your pages.

These things can come later. As long as you have an album, paper, adhesive, cutting tools and pens, you can start making Scrapbook pages.


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