Scrapbook die cuts – Latest Scrapbook die cuts news – Watch this free scrapbooking idea Easy Scrapbook Sketches -Holiday …

Back with more news for you today. It’s amazing how much good information there is on this stuff out there if you know where to look. Three in particular that I found really valuable were…

Watch this free scrapbooking idea Easy Scrapbook Sketches -Holiday …

For more unique scrapbook ideas, Click on here cheap scrapbook ← ← See Scrapbooking Reviews – Sketches and Design. sketches brief history scrapbooking scrap book basic designs booking card making die cuts …

Portable Graffiti: BIG Etsy Sale by Etsy Bloggers Team

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Little Red Roost: Wreath Remix

To finish off the wreath, I made a tiny banner from some scrapbook paper and white ribbon. I free handed the letters, but you could also use stickers or die cuts. I think this tiny wreath adds just the right little something to my retro …

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Originality in scrap-booking is essential. You can create original pages with exclusive ideas. Including journaling on your layouts is one way to tell about the photographs and help you remember what was going on during that time period.

Scrap-booking quotes for your pages are a wonderful way to add some “elegance” to your page layouts. Famous quotes for your era are fun to have in your books. You can also include quotes from family members about the people in the pictures.

For baby books you can quote your child or record “first words” and funny sayings and phrases. Including quotes in on your pages will make them unique but make them interesting for others to view.

Scrapbook punches will punch through many types of material including cardstock, paper bags, sheet protectors, vellum, handmade paper, thin craft foam, etc. If you are punching through very thin or delicate materials, it is a good idea to use cardstock behind your material. This will help with tearing, ripping or jamming.

The correct way to use a paper punch is to place the punch on a table or flat surface, insert your paper and press down firmly with the heel of your hand. If you are making a border or a repetitive design you will have to use the punch upside down to keep your scrapbook punches aligned straight.

Paper punches give you an avenue to create beautiful designs and embellishments for your scrapbook pages. Keep your punches stored properly away from heat and moisture.

There are several different scrapbook techniques you can use to add interest to your photo mats. One way is to use decorative scissors. When double or triple matting with decorative edges, start by cutting the smallest mat first. Adhere the smaller layer onto the next larger before making the next cuts. This makes it easier to evenly cut the second mat.

Craft punches are terrific little tools and they come in so many fantastic shapes. One downfall to the craft punch is its size. The punched shapes are usually only an inch or two in dimension. The figures would make great die cuts, but size is an issue.

Here is a scrap-booking technique to make the job easier. Using a pencil, lightly draw on your page where you want the photo to go. Place photo mounts in opposite corners on the item, and place it on the page, using the pencil guide. Then apply photo mounts to the two existing corners. Do not forget – if you are using lick and stick corners, use a sponge not your saliva. Saliva is acidic.

There is a variety of scrapbook paper available for your scrap-booking needs. Some of the most common varieties of papers for scrap-booking are:

Cardstock, which is a heavy weight paper used primarily for the “backbone” of your page layout. It is also used for photo mats; paper piercing and die cut images too.

B&T (Background and Texture) paper is used for a decorative background on your Scrapbook pages. It can be used for a photo mat backgrounds or to accent your stamps, die cuts, stickers, etc.

Vellum is a translucent paper that looks very elegant and it can be used for masking an image, embossing and is great for journaling. It is typically placed over a colored paper and it is used to “dress up” your pages and give them a distinctive appearance.

The most important thing to remember when you are choosing scrap-booking paper to go in your memory books is to choose a paper that is memory-safe, meaning it is acid-free. You want something that is going to preserve your photographs not ruin them.


I will make a scrapbook which i will give to my mom and mom-in law. But i dont know how to make it. Pls. help?

I have got all our pictures when we are together but i dont know how will i start making the scrapbook.ofcourse, these pictures i have are pics of us during my engagement and travel together. I am also thinking of the best album title for that. We will getmarried in July and this scrap book will be our gift to our parents Please help. thanks

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