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If there’s anything that scrapbookers have in common beyond creating scrapbooks, it’s scrapbook paper. It’s our biggest weakness. Finding that unique pattern or those luscious colors is a real treat. So we buy the paper today and assume the inspiration will follow later. Then the wonderful new paper lies wasted for months waiting for that right inspirational moment.

Few of us have a perfect photographic memory, and it’s easy to buy new paper, add it to the stack of papers we bought last week, and forget what we have. “Out of sight, out of mind,” truly applies here. Even when you have a huge supply of beautiful papers in your work area, you forget about it and go buy more when the new scrapbook project comes along. It’s a waste of money, a space-eater, and just plain bad planning.

The truth is, organization is as important for a scrapbooker as it is for anyone else. No one like to walk into a cluttered room to try to find the one item they need. No one wants to waste the time and money of shopping for things they know they already bought but can’t find. Somehow, someday, the clutter must stop!

One thing to consider when planning your storage space is what kind of shopper you are. One type is fancy-free and spontaneous. They head out to the store with little more than a vision of how their scrapbook will look when they’re done. They’ll grab whatever catches their eye and sparks their imagination. They’ll pick up interesting cardstocks, die cuts, and stickers. They’ll find many items that may be of use someday. Their excitement and energy will build as they run to the register with their treasures. Once the project is started, they may find that some important pieces are missing.

The other type is organized to the tee. They bring along their pictures, mementos, and embellishments so that they can choose exactly the right shades and shapes to match. Their shopping trip will not be limited to papers. They’ll find the perfect die cuts, stickers, and add-ons for their well-planned pages. Before they’ve left the store, they’ll have visions of the layout, placement, and design to support the theme of their scrapbook.

Both types of shopper have their strengths. The go-lucky impulse scrapbooker is likely more creative in their design, and their scrapbook will be unique and special. The organized shopper will be more efficient, and their scrapbook will be precise and careful, everything matching just so. Both shoppers will have a beautiful scrapbook that reflects their unique individuality.

These simple ideas may help you organize your scrapbooking supplies. Of course, they’re only suggestions. What works for you is best. Hopefully, you’ll get some useful information and ideas to stop your own clutter. The important point here is that good scrapbooking needs good organization. The way you store your papers and materials will determine whether they last forever or become useless quickly. Good organization saves time because you find things faster. It saves aggravation because you don’t get frustrated trying to find that piece you KNOW is there somewhere!

It takes a while for us to find our own efficient organizing style. But basically, there are two approaches: horizontal and vertical. Most stores use a horizontal stacking arrangement, using either racks or shelves, to make the best use of their space. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the space of a retail store to work with. Snap top cases are a good solution because they work well for not only stacking paper but for storing other scrapbooking materials as well.

If you’re limited to horizontal storage, you could try to apply vertical solutions within your horizontal space. This works well for card stocks and other papers you use a lot. Vertical storage equipment usually comes with dividers you can adjust for separating different papers. But vertical storage like this will also require tall vertical spaces between your horizontal shelves.

Organizing your papers and materials requires attention details, and the more chaotic your storage space is now, the longer it will take to straighten things out. But remember, it’s far easier and far less time-consuming to begin a project with an organized space that you don’t have to organize and re-organize again as your project unfolds. The beauty of careful organization of your scrapbooking papers and materials is that your up-front planning and organization gives you much more time to spend creating a beautiful scrapbook that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

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