Scrapbook die cuts – Where to Find Digital Scrapbook Kits

Digital scrapbook kits are becoming the craft hobby of the future. Instead of dealing with sticky glues and tapes and cutting and pasting to create that perfect scrapbook layout, you now have the option to create your entire scrapbook through digital means. There are hundreds of different digital Scrapbooking sites online today and each of them offer their own version of digital scrapbook kits to help you create an online masterpiece that you and your child can appreciate for years to come.

These digital Scrapbooking websites that can be found online today do charge fees for use of their digital scrapbook software and templates but many find the investment to be far less than collecting all the small accessories and scrapbook accessories from a craft store. It can take some time to find the right digital scrapbook website for you and one of the features you will want to make sure they offer is the option of using a digital scrapbook kit. These online kits are quite similar to the kits you find in the stores today, except of course everything is digital and virtual.

If you are not interested in finding one of these digital scrapbook websites to help you create the perfect baby album for your child, than you can buy your own Scrapbooking software to install on your PC. This software can be found anywhere software applications are sold and they can be a lot of fun. You do not have to be a computer whiz to use this great software, anyone can do it. What many people are doing with their digital scrapbooks is downloading them into a digital picture frame so everyone can constantly enjoy the work you have done and you can easily share the memories of your baby’s first words, steps and more!

The effects that can be used through this digital craft are unbelievable! You no longer have to agonize over using the die cuts properly or how to arrange your pictures on the page because with digital scrapbook kits you have the ability to change and rearrange as many times as you want, nothing is permanent! Whether it takes you 5minutes to complete your first page layout or 2weeks, it is a different type of fun that cannot be duplicated with the real Scrapbooking procedures.

A digital scrapbook kit will contain directions for using all the features in the kit, examples of how to begin your first digital scrapbook experience and of course thousands of templates, accessories and decorative effects that look exactly like the real thing, but better! It will not take long for you to learn how to use these digital scrapbook kits and software, they have been made to be completely user friendly so that you can spend hours working on your baby’s scrapbook album with the ability to edit and alter the pages even after you think you have finished!

For many beginners, learning how to use digital scrapbook kits is a great way to cherish your memories because you have the ability to test out your creative skills and change anything you don’t like!


What kind of papers are scrapbook papers?

A regular 11 x 8.5 white printing paper is thinner than scrapbook papers. I want to buy a 11 x 8.5 white papers but I want it to feel as thick as scrapbook papers (though scrapbook papers aren't that thick, it's still thicker than a regular white paper). Do you know any brand of papers I should buy that is a bit thicker than regular white printing papers? I feel like making my own scrapbook papers but the regular white printing papers are a bit thin. Thanks for your help!

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