Scrapbook die cuts – Yahoo! Answers – How do i cut a shape exactly a circle from a plastic sheet?

How do i cut a shape exactly a circle from a plastic sheet?

Circles from bottles tips etc. EXACTLY a circle.

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A Civil Conversation About Scrapbooking: Which Tool Was a Waste?

I'm constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the abundance of scrapbooking tools. Some I could use and others elicit wishful thoughts. Die-cuts have a love/hate relationship with scrapbookers, especially those who are published. …

How to Make a School Scrapbooking Border | Hobbies

If they are really good at music, then of use musical notes or die cuts of their favorite instrument as part of a school page border. Sports enthusiasts also have many items you might use as a school scrapbooking border. …

Shoestring Scrapbooking: Some More Cards – 3D Stickers & Die Cuts

I used the 3D Stickers (Orchids) on this card – I know Mom will love this one! I used K & Company's Que Sera Sera Die Cut Card-stock & Acetate on the cards below.

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Scrap booking has come a long way both in perception and execution. I remember, as a child, when my mother bought me my first scrap book and together we enjoyed the exhilaration of cutting out pictures from comic and other magazines and pasting them in it. We would visit innumerable scrap book stores in search of punches that never seemed to suffice.

Later, as years passed, and ready-made cutouts started to appear in the shops, we would buy Mickey, Popeye, Donald and a host of other such cutouts to paste in our scrapbook I regret that the scrapbook hobby was fast disappearing with children becoming more engrossed with video games and other online forms of entertainment.

It is at this juncture that Provo craft pioneered an electronic cutting system called Cricut Expression Machine that re- energized the scrapbook hobby into a fascinating phobia with unlimited possibilities. The features of this machine helped to merge scrap booking with product stamping. It delivered cut outs in any color, shape, size and font you could wish for, thus signaling the possibilities of immense and wide ranging applications to your hobby.

It is a noteworthy fact that the Cricut Machine is self supportive and works independently without a computer or printer. Assuming that your Expression Machine is in place, you would need to insert a Cricut cartridge into it to make it function. These cartridges, similar to disc drives in computers, store a wealth of die cut information from which you can select the ones you want to print out.


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