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India’s independence marks India getting Freedom from British rule. India got her freedom on 15th of August 1947 from British rule and Reborn as sovereign nation again.

History of India:

In 16th and 17th centuries India was one of the richest country in the world. With its deposit of minerals and agricultural products western world always wanted to conduct trade with India. With lot of efforts British, French, and Dutch were success in establishing the trade. They started their own companies. British established east India company in Calcutta.

India was group of small countries at time and each one was ruled by independent kings and their family.And the infighting was normal in between kingdoms. British with their superior weapons started helping loosing kingdoms in return of accepting their protection. Gradually almost all of India has fallen in this trap and all of India was fighter ruled directly by British or through the kings who accepted the British protection and supremacy on them.

On each Kingdome who accepted the births supremacy has to accommodate one British representative in their palace to make sure that the thing are going according to the way British wished. They just taken over the states and kingdom which were not able to pay their hefty protection fees and joined with their places which they were ruling directly.

Opposition to British Rule:

Due to over exploitation Indian people fed up with British rule and some states started resisting to British rule. But they were overpowered by mighty force of British army with superior weapons and discipline. The kings of resisted states were brutally murdered to make a lesson for other kings and people.

First independence Move:

Though there was lot of uprising against the British regime whose primary intention was to loot Indian wealth which is considered a rich nation at that time, the major and organized resistance was happened on 1857 which known as India’s First War of Independence. British called it as Sepoy Mutiny (soldier uprising) to ridicule this movement and to reduce the importance of the movement. Carl max was the first western scholar to call this movement as national revolt, even he used the term of sepoy revolt to describe the event. The term first war of independence was popularized by Vinayak_Damodar_Savarkar a popular Hindu activist and freedom fighter.

On this events a group of Local kingdoms with the leadership of Queen of zancy and other kings started war against suppressing British rule. A group of Indian solders in British regiments refused to fight against their fellow Indians and instead they joined with independence war.However mighty British army defeated the war and renounced the movement as sepoy mutinity.

Indian Independence Move:

Even though the 1857 war was defeated it has spread a freedom wish and hate against foreign British rule. This has lead to creation of Congress movements which has lead to Indian independence. Under the Prominent leaders like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Vithalbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, Netaji subash chandrabose and Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi’s orating skills created a wave across the nation and forced British people to grant the freedom to India. In between Muslim league has come and Forced to divide India to create Pakistan as Muslim country.

Celebration of Indian Independence day:

India celebrate Indian independence day on 15th of august on every year. The day marked with Military parades on Indian capital new Delhi with display of latest weapons. The state capitals also will conduct military parades. Schools and government offices will be on holiday.

Wishes on Indian independence day:

Normally Indians send greeting cards to friends and associates on Indian independence day. Lot of online greeting card websites are now providing free online Indian independence day cards. Below are some of them: – They provide lot of Indian Independence day cards with Flash animation. – They have lot of Indian independence cards which is very good in creation.

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I am an evangelical christian. I wish that some biblical teachings on the Valentine Day that is celebrated every 14th Febuary, annually is put on the net for christians who may wish to celebrate it as the bible would admonished them to do. Thankyou.

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