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Can Xyron Adhesive Dot Transfer Sheets be used to cut cloth on Cricut Machines?

This is the information about the transfer sheets.

Uniform edge-to-edge adhesive for die and laser cuts. The adhesive is dot patterned and breaks appropriately so there are no glue strings hanging in cutout areas. The top mask with the glue from the cutout areas still intact can be set aside for later use. Dot pattern adhesive has a longer shelf life and does not yellow over time when applied to items. Acid free.
4 Sheets, 3.5″ x 4″
These samll sheets of adhesive are wonderful for adhering die cust, aplhabets, or other small items with odd shapes. They create instant stickers. Peel back the top layer of film and lay your die cut face up on the bottom layer. Pres the Top layer back down to spread adhesive on back of Die cut. Peel top layer and pick up die cut. Your die cut will have dots on backside and be permanetly adhered to your Project.

Layout has a very special place in creating a striking scrapbook. People who are fond of maintaining scrapbooks do everything to find out the perfect scrap booking layout. They search intensely on the internet and even pay a large amount of money to get the appropriate layout. If you are one of them who pay money for layouts then there is a better way to lighten the burden on your pockets. Instead of paying money for scrap booking layouts, you should take advantage of the free scrap booking layout options available online.

You will be quite impressed with the range of free scrap booking layout options available for you to print out or to use in your digital scrapbook. The trend of scrap booking has exploded into a very popular hobby and such facilities are catalyzing its process of popularity. Now there are many free scrap booking layout options that provide innovative layouts as never before.

Scrap booking really is all about the pictures, so perhaps the simplest way to lay out a scrapbook page is with a large photo as your centrepiece. It could be centred on the page with a border around it (use a paper border, stickers or even leave that space for your journaling). Or you could place the picture to one side, leaving more space for journaling or other artistic flourishes.

You could even put the picture on the page at an angle, so that the edges of the photo are trimmed off as they run off your scrapbook page. This gives an interesting look to a basic layout and leaves lots of room for other stuff on the page.

Sometimes one photo just doesn’t tell the story. Pages with two or three photos give you a lot more options for layout. You can stack the pictures in a column down one side of the page, leaving lots of space for die cuts, rubber stamps, colored paper and journaling. Or you can put them in a straight line along the top, bottom or centre of the page.

You could put the pictures in the corners (especially if you have four) and save the centre of the page for a jazzy title or a special keepsake. Or put one photo in a corner and the others in a row on a different part of the page. Stack them diagonally across the page, in a square or a circle. And, speaking of circles, remember that your photos don’t have to stay square. Cut them into circles, diamonds or triangles, or cut the edges with a fancy pinking shear that mimics the shape of the border on your page.

Go to the copy shop and get high-quality colour copies of your pictures, then cut out people, start stacking and gluing and see what comes out. Or cut your pictures like jigsaw puzzle pieces so that they all fit together on your page without overlap. You could even make a big picture look like a collage by giving it the puzzle piece treatment. Leave a little white space around each piece for extra whimsy.

A trip to the craft store will give you inspiration for different layouts. Looking at all the papers, stamps, stickers, die cuts, embellishments, pastels, gel pens and more will give you more ideas than you will ever have time to work with.

With the use of a free scrap booking layout, you will be able to create a number of fabulous Scrapbook pages. The biggest benefit of free scrap booking layout is that you are getting desired layout without paying any money for it. This free option not only makes everything easy but also encourages you to start new scrap booking projects. As it is easily available therefore more and more people are getting benefit from this. The only thing they need to do is to search for free scrap booking layouts and select the appropriate one. This can reduce the amount of time you spend on your scrap booking projects with significantly improving the quality of the finished project.

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