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Do you want more sales? Then consider becoming the Touch-O-Matic sales person where you achieve top of mind awareness and easily out perform your competitors.

What does a Touch-O-Matic sales person look like? The answer is someone who takes concentrated and consistent efforts to touch his or her clients at least 3 times a month to secure Top of Mind Awareness or TOMA.

This friendly and let’s not forget results driven sales person extraordinaire understands that sales success is all about the creation of authentic relationships. And those relationships are developed over time. In today’s sales environment, this philosophy is called relationship selling.

Time can be used wisely and effectively or poorly and inefficiently. The sales person extraordinaire knows how to use a variety of ways to keep in contact with his or her prospective customers as well as existing customers. Creating customer loyalty is a by product of being this type of sales person.

How does the sales person become the Touch-O-Matic sales person extraordinaire?

First, this sales person has not only an overall business strategic plan or knows what the strategic plan is, but works from three other plans within that strategic plan:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Loyalty

All of the Touch-O-Matic actions are aligned to current marketing goals, sales goals and customer loyalty goals. By looking at the desired results through 3 different filters so to speak allows these sales persons to truly work smarter and not harder.

Secondly, these sales people also use a variety of tools to help them keep in touch. These tools are usually found in their marketing tool box and may include:

  • Note cards
  • Greeting cards or the use of a greeting card service
  • Articles written by the sales person
  • Broadcast emails using an auto responder within the business website
  • Survey on the website
  • Promotional items because lumpy mail gets opened first
  • Telephone calls scheduled to confirm receipt of a mailing or to share a lead
  • Method for tracking all touches to ensure consistency
  • Method for tracking all results from these Touch-O-Matic activities

Finally, this sales person lives his or her values. For the demonstrated authenticity is from the heart. These sales people know that know cares about what you know until they know how much you care. Yes, you too, can be a Touch-O-Matic sales person extraordinaire. The only obstacle is you and your real commitment to increase sales.

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Watch Your Child Grow With Construction Kits

Have you ever wondered how closely related is creativity with childhood? Why do children cross all limits of convention and norms? Why is it that the grass can be red, the sun blue and the leaves all pink? The best possible reply to it may be that children are full of energy and ideas which are not yet fenced by the rule of the thumb.

Their energy level is at such a height where they are at free will to create, to destruct, to break and to mend. They do not know what is right and what is not. They just follow where their imagination leads them to. However, it is at this crucial time that the parents, the guardian and the teachers should take extra care and channelize all the energy and imagination towards the right direction – towards creation and overall development of the child. And to help in such channelization, children are given to play with building blocks and construction kits, since time immemorial.

Building blocks and construction kits are a great way to use their imagination and enthusiasm. It enhances their scope of thought, helps in better functioning of the brain, makes them more intelligent and enables them to grasp things easily. Such development is not just for the moment, but for their entire lifetime.

And not just that, there are more benefits of playing with construction kits. The figures and objects made by the slotting together the precut plywood sheets are easy to fix and great to look. Once they are painted and put out as a show piece in the room, they give a sense of pride to the child. It enables in boosting confidence level, motivates the child and makes it more independent.

Last – but certainly not the least, if you assist your child during such fun activities, it will also augment to the bonding between you and your child. With construction kits, there is so much that can be achieved and the best part is that you see your child growing into a complete and mature individual at every step.

By: Brittney Jackeline

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard

About The Author: The author is a mother of two and is the creative director of a leading company dealing in greeting cards and gifts. With a penchant for exclusive gift ideas, she loves children and loves to make new toys and gifts for kids in UK. At present, she is working with Party Creation. For more information please about construction kits visit at

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