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The cards of Valentine’s Day prove to be extremely attractive. Valentine day cards express different feelings and emotions like romantic, sensitive, charming, humorous, and ornate etc. Such cards can be sent to family members, friends and loved ones. Valentine cards were sent to their beloved ones even during the period of middle ages. Greeting cards of Valentine Day gained rapid momentum during sixteenth century. Flowers, laces, satin, gold leaf, silk, and perfume sachets were used for decoration purposes and messages were written with hand. Water colors and colored papers are some of the materials needed for the creation of card.

Printed cards were exchanged on Valentine’s Day. But most of the people prefer to express their emotions to their beloved ones with the help of ready- made cards. Valentine’s cards that were made out of paper earned popularity in England. Towards the end of 19th century images of heart and cupid were printed on cards that were manufactured. Esther A. Howland sold valentine day greeting cards during the early years of 1840s in America. More than one billion cards are being sold every year on valentine day.

Valentine day symbolizes the gesture of respect, admiration, and love. The fascination towards handmade cards is being revived in the present century. The card proves to be sentimental when they are made with hand. Though the form and color of the card varies from each other, the message written within the card remains unchanged for ages. Valentine day is deeply associated with Mexican Holidays. Brief information about valentine day gifts, cards and gift baskets are available on the web site. The art of surprise must be sincerely practiced before giving romantic greeting cards to the beloved ones. Such cards are very appealing and eye catchy. Most of the romantic cards are made in advance as it enables the giver to pick up a card that is creative. Some of the steps can be followed if the giver wishes his or her card to be a unique one.

The giver can indulge him with a fight and can refrain from talking with the partner. A dozen of roses can be presented along with the card if the partner is a girl. If the partner is a boy card can be attached with pizza. Giver can pretend as if he or she does not remember any of the anniversaries and birthdays. Strange series of cards can be sent to the partner in order to ensure that the giver of romantic card has completely lost his or her mind. The giver can also act as if he hates the in laws. The card can be given surprisingly to the partner during a party or a get together. Surprise actions can be adopted depending upon the craziness of the card giver.

So choose from an impressive range of online cards while approaching your partner and display feelings of love and affection. No one can describe the feelings of happiness and joy when your loved ones sends you a romantic card reflecting love and warm wishes.

Maria Lacy is famous e-card designer, who owns a blog on e-cards [] and customized gifts []. Here, she discusses the tips on choosing an e-card for your loved ones.

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