Handcrafted scrapbook pages – Cedar Chest – Store Your Memories in Style

Scrapbooking has a way of taking over a whole house eventually. It starts with a single scrapbook and some empty pages. Soon there are special scissors, paper cutters, 3-D cutouts and more that can be used for each book of memories.

It can be a very rewarding hobby, one that thousands of people enjoy every day. If you don’t have a committed space for creating your memories, it’s a fair bet you have everything spread out over the kitchen table, shoved in closets or cabinets or any other empty space you can find. The garage would be a good space, but changes in humidity can damage expensive handmade papers and cause glues to stick where they’re not supposed to.

A good solution is to create your own scrapbooking oasis. One of the best ideas is to use a cedar chest as your base of operations. Readily available in almost any style, wood and color imaginable, a chest offers you plenty of space for storage.

They aren’t just a cavernous box, either. Most have drop in drawers to help you organize and are large enough to accept several tubs of scrapbooking materials.

When looking for a cedar chest, be sure that it’s really made of cedar. It’s easy to tell. Just open the chest and take a deep breath. You’ll smell the telltale scent of cedar. Once you know its cedar, make sure it’s all cedar. Some furnishings that are advertised as cedar may just have a cedar bottom or a top drawer that’s cedar. That’s not bad, just know what you’re paying for.

If your cedar chest has an upper drawer that’s removable, it’s the ideal place to keep your project that’s in progress. Simply lift it out when you’re in the mood to scrapbook and take it to your workspace.

If you need a bigger area to work with, you can add shelves above the chest to store specialty papers, punches and the little special accessories that you like to add to the pages to make them themed.

Convenience is important when scrapbooking. If things are too difficult to reach or access, you may just put off a project rather than move everything around. This type of chest is perfect for this. You can keep all your most often used items on the shelves and store the less frequently or seasonal items in the chest. It’s also a good place to keep extra supplies, such as glues, glitter, punches and spare scissors. You may also want to keep some spare blades in your chest for X-ACTO knives and paper cutters.

Not matter what level of scrapbooking you’re at, you’ll find a cedar chest will be an indispensable addition to your craft. Plus you can always use it when guests come over for additional seating. Simply place a cushion on top of the chest and your friends and family can enjoy a comfortable place to sit while they look through your handcrafted books of memories.


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