Handcrafted scrapbook pages – Christmas Crafts – The Scrapbooking Christmas Gift and Why It’s So Special

Giving gifts to others at Christmas time is special. Giving a scrapbooking Christmas gift is even more special because it’s handmade and like I always say, “handmade is heart made”.

If you know a lot about an individual or a family, care enough to handcraft a scrapbook for them as a Christmas gift, and have a friend or family member (of theirs) that can get you mementos and copies of photographs, you can give them the holiday gift of memories…A scrapbook.

You can “theme” your scrapbook around seasonal family events such as summertime fun, sporting events, yearly fall outings, or even Christmas celebrations from the past. Also, you can design the scrapbook around a person or group of person’s favorite pastime or hobby.

One of my favorite Christmas scrapbooking projects for any mother that’s been a mom for several years is to document her child or children’s Christmas mornings from years past. Whenever I give these as gifts, I often get calls on Christmas morning thanking me for “the best gift they’ve ever received”.

Do you know humbling and gratifying it is when someone tells you that “they’ve never had a better Christmas gift” than the one they got from you? Let me answer that question for you…It’s beyond words, and can bring you to tears of joy if you aren’t careful.

If you plan your scrapbooking project carefully, and construct it with love and good intentions, I guarantee you it will be a gift that will be cherished for years to come, and your name will come up more often than not as being a caring friend or relative.

For other great Christmas craft ideas, along with plenty of Christmas recipes and activity tips go to http://www.christmasisforcrafts.info, and remember my motto…”Handmade is heart made”.

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