Handcrafted scrapbook pages – Do It Yourself Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are valuable picturesque additions in the wedding. They help to keep the visitors in a comfort zone since they will know about the proceedings scheduled in the ceremony. In addition to that wedding programs are valuable records of the event. It is a beautiful appendage to the scrapbook. It will be a memento for not only the couples but also the visitors too. Do it yourself wedding programs are a step ahead valuable. Since also depicts the creativity and talent of the newly wed.

When you think of do it yourself wedding programs, the essential parts to be included are introduction, proceedings of the ceremony and also the names of those in the wedding party. In the introduction, the full name of the bride and groom, day of wedding and venue should be included. The proceedings give information on sequential events of service which includes music, greeting, prayers, readings, exchange of vows, ring ceremony etc. Any special custom or tradition should be elaborated. The names of the wedding party and their relation to the newly wed can be mentioned. A thank-you to all those who called upon you, reception hosts and to those who performed special service will be a good finish.

A do it yourself wedding program can be prepared in the following way. First, the design should be selected whether it should be scrolls, tri fold, double fold, or single card etc. The design selected for the wedding program should go with the other wedding stationeries used which comprises paper, trimmings, and typescript. In addition to the full name of the couple, order of the events and the names of the wedding party one can include a brief introduction, words of songs that are going to be sung, headings and the composers of the selected music, names of the performers who are going to sing and play music in the ceremony. A dedication or recognition to the family members, who are deceased or not present, can also be added.

A template should be prepared first in order to accommodate all the details in the pre-printed paper or hand crafted papers. A master sheet can be prepared either writing in by hand or by typing. The designing can be done in computer as desired and print outs can be taken. Over decoration should be avoided in a handcrafted do it yourself wedding program since it may raise the cost and will be labor intensive.


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