Handcrafted scrapbook pages – How To Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors: A Labor Of Love

A baby shower is a very important event for an expecting mother, as it is one way of giving a warm welcome to a new life. Normally, the mom’s friends host baby showers whether they come from the office, church or school. However, the idea of a baby shower hosted by a sister or another close relative is becoming more and more prevalent.

Being invited to a baby shower also signals that the expecting mom highly values your presence in her life and wants you to share in this very happy and exciting experience. Of course, as invitees we want to make sure that we give a gift that will express our love and affection not only to the mom but also to the baby. While, there is a plethora of baby shower favors available in the market, why not make the gift more special by doing it yourself?

A homemade baby shower gift is something made out of hard work and the willingness to go the extra mile just to show we care for the baby. Here are some ideas on how to make baby shower favors:

Make your own homemade baby shower envelope.

Materials needed:

Decorative papers with different designs,


Glue and tape,


Making a baby shower envelope is easy to make yourself. First, cut out an envelope pattern, crease it where needed and stick adhesive to assemble. Put a small amount of tape to the envelope’s flap, and attach it to the backside of the next envelope. Repeat the process until several envelopes are attached with each other and eventually resemble an accordion.

Close the envelopes and increase the size of the final flap in order to match the width of the album. For a special touch attach an attractive sticker to serve as an album seal. When this process is finished, the cards that will be placed inside the album should be decorated. Select the decorative papers that best go with each other and make cards that list the following information.

birth data,



list of gifts given during the shower

Each envelope should contain the handcrafted cards. All the envelopes containing the cards should then be placed inside album. Tie a ribbon around the album to complete this perfect homemade baby shower favor.

Homemade Baby Shower scrapbook

Choose papers and embellishments that perfectly match the theme of the baby shower. The book’s color can be selected based on the baby’s gender, if this is already known. However, yellow and green are appropriate for showers if the expecting mother does not know the baby’s gender.

Encourage your guests to write a special note in the album. In order for the notes to be written neatly, insert a journaling template at the back of each page. Prior to the shower a complementary photo and decorated page should be made ready. Snap a picture of each guest and take a group shot as well.

Choose the best photos for the album. Once all of the embellishments are put in, apply finishing touches and present the complete album to the expecting mother.

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