Handcrafted scrapbook pages – I need gift ideas for my bfs birthday?

I need gift ideas for my bfs birthday?

My boyfriends birthday is coming up soon! I really want it to be a special day, and I'm looking for the most perfect gift for his 22nd. Hes a chef so anything along the lines of cooking would be great! He also likes movies, music, and photography … Any help would be great! <3

The art of quilling has been around for centuries and it has indeed become a great form of art involving the use of strips of paper that are coiled and curled using a curling tool and shaped into shapes that will make up a much bigger design or pattern such as flowers.

This paper art was also known as paper filigree and for some others, it was named paper-scrolling. For those who practice the art centuries ago, they use to make use of quills in rolling the strips of paper, thus the name quilling. Today, a curling tool is used in making these fine paper ornaments.

If you want to try your hand on the art of quilling, you can actually start simple. Instead of buying pre-cut paper strips, you can practice on lightweight card stocks and cut them into the standard 1/8-inch strips.

Once you’re done practicing the curling and coiling, you can then try on the basic shapes. Here are the basic shapes you can start practicing.

The tight coil and the loose coil are the basic coils you need to practice because from these two, you can make the heart shape, the square, the teardrop, the marquis and the different scroll shapes. For example, in making the teardrop shape or the raindrop shape, as others would call it, you will start from making a loose coil and then pinching one side with your thumb and index finger to form the teardrop shape. The marquis shape is similarly done as well but pinching two opposite sides of the loose coil.

The challenge in practicing the art of quilling is the pattern or design you have to make. If it is your first time trying it, you can find great ideas on quilling resources online to appreciate the beauty of the designs made out of quilling. From making unique handmade cards to making 3d flowers and ornaments, you will be truly inspired to make your own simple designs and express your creativity.

Generally, the art of quilling is a simple art form and a very good hobby that you can even teach your children. Aside from inexpensive materials, it does not involve other machines or complicated tool as well. Of course, you just have to be extra careful if you are working with children. Make sure they are using the curling tool safe and make sure too that you are working with a non-toxic glue.

By being creative, you can actually make a lot of artistic products from quilling. For ideas on where to use quilling, you can make designs that can be framed and placed in your wall, you can also make cake toppers with them, quilled roses for mother’s day gift, or valentines gift, quilled flowers in baskets, scrapbooks, photo frames, holiday decors, and many other ornaments you can make with it. Indeed, from a simple rolling and curling of colorful paper, you can make a wonderful work of art. In fact, some of the quilling pieces from long ago are being placed in museums for their great design, artistry and beauty.

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