Handcrafted scrapbook pages – Latest Handcrafted scrapbook pages news – Scrapbook Wedding Album of Pakistani Valima Reception at Vibiana …

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Scrapbook Wedding Album of Pakistani Valima Reception at Vibiana …

A spread of the family designed and handcrafted for Adnan and Sana's scrapbook wedding album. A beautifully created spread using embellishments to enhance the photograph for the bride and groom's Pakistani Valima scrapbook wedding album …

Fingerprints Baby Poem | Nikki’s Nook

The Baby Days Memory Album Scrapbook in Blue by Aimee J is handcrafted and detailed with a coordinating suede/velvet spine and ribbon. The book contains 20 uniquely designed pages inserted in page protectors to preserve baby's entire …


Available exclusively for you- one of a kind handcrafted scrapbooking and craft items. Completely original handmade unique handcrafted beyond the page pieces. Beautiful cards,paper bag albums, flirty purses,complete 8×8"albums,journals …

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When I was a kid, my Barbie and Ken got married two and three times a day. The ceremony was planned, usually before snack time, and all the guests were invited (GI Joe and the Fisher Price People). In those days, handmade wedding invitations meant generously applying Elmer’s glue to paper and sprinkling glitter over it, then designing cool flowers with my box of 64 Crayolas. Paper was normally construction paper left over from my mother’s classroom, where she taught kindergarten, or corrugated paper my dad brought home from the office (this was the 70s, no regular copy paper). It was these images, which were conjured up in my head, when my friend brought up using handmade wedding invitations for my own wedding. What I soon found out was; handmade invitations are more elegant and beautiful than I ever imagined.

Today you can have a wedding invitation handcrafted by a designer, buy previously crafted invitations by specialized artists, or make your own handmade invitation.

To order a crafted invitation, a couple can visit a local designer or the designers’ websites. There, you will choose the type of paper, font, fold and design for your invitations. Some designers even have invitations on hand, ready-made. Otherwise you will usually pick from a number of designs in the artist’s portfolio. Designers can often create specialized designs for your invitations, at extra cost. There are even designers that create their own stylized fonts.

If you’re planning to make your own handmade wedding invitation, visit your local craft store for the supplies, or you can purchase the supplies online. I suggest deciding your fold (cards come in different ways to fold for placing in the envelope), before shopping. Other supplies, I suggest, are adhesives, paper, calligraphy pens and some embellishments. A great place to find embellishments, pressed flowers, stickers or ribbon, is in the scrapbooking aisle.

When creating your design, you’ll want to focus on the theme of your wedding. Should your wedding be beach style, you’ll want to pick up beach wedding invitations designs. For example; a photograph of the ocean, seashells or even the sun.

Your invitations can be fun or sophisticated, depending on your wedding style. For a more fun type of beach wedding invitation try some brightly colored stickers. If you’re more interested in romantic and sophisticated, you can place a matte frame around a picture of you and your fiance at the beach at dusk.

Different types of fonts can jazz up an invitation or make it more elegant. For a flirty, sassy invitation try using Arial fonts, if you want more sophisticated, choose a cursive font. You can download new fonts on the Internet as well.

Handmade wedding invitations are a unique and stylish way to notify your guests of your upcoming nuptials. Even Barbie would be proud.

Weddings are my life and joy. Discover more of my writings on handmade wedding invitations and beach wedding invitations.

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